In most transport driver jobs, you’ll occasionally run into issues during the course of a trip. While most problems are easy to overcome, at times, you’ll need to take action to keep yourself on the road. That’s why having a few tools with you is a smart move. 

By keeping some tools on-hand, you are prepared to handle a variety of common issues. You won’t be sidelined by a simple problem that you could fix if you simply had the right toolkit. Instead, you’ll be able to take care of the situation, allowing you to get back on the road fast. 

Before you hit the road, here are the tools that every trucker needs to keep with them in the name of preparedness. 


Also known as Swiss army knives, multitools give you access to a variety of tools in one compact package. You’ll have everything from a screwdriver to a file and from a small saw to scissors. 

The versatility of the multitool is why it’s such a great addition to your toolkit. Just make sure you choose one from a brand that’s known for strength and longevity. Additionally, review what tools are included in the multitool, as some have more capabilities than others. 


A great pair of work gloves is a necessity for truck drivers. Many parts on a truck have sharp edges or corners, and it’s easy to accidentally cut or scratch your hands while working on the vehicle if your hands aren’t protected. 

Work gloves do more than keep your hands safe; they can also improve your grip. If you choose an option with the right texture or that’s made out of the proper material, you’ll have an easier time getting traction on a range of items you may need to hold. If your hands are less likely to slip, you’ll be able to get any repairs done faster. 

Duct Tape

When it comes to versatility, duct tape is a standout option. It’s a tough material that can help solve various issues, ensuring you can reattach certain items or address a range of problems fast. With it, you can potentially patch up your truck until you can get to an actual repair shop. 

Light Test Kit

Working lights are crucial for safe driving. They improve your ability to see as well as your visibility to other drivers on the road. Plus, if a light is out, you could end up with a ticket, and that’s not ideal. Light test kits let you ensure that your lights are in good shape quickly. That way, if one is out, you can handle it immediately. 


When it comes to must-have tools, a flashlight is one. With a high-powered model, you can see no matter the outside lighting conditions. Plus, it makes you easier to spot, which could be crucial if you are stopped alongside a busy, dark road. 

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Ultimately, all of the tools above should be considered musts. If you’d like access to more CDL driving opportunities, the team at PTS can help. Contact us today. 

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