Keeping your CDL driver skillset up is critical for your career. Not only will it make you safer and more efficient on the road, but it can also increase your odds of landing a position with a company that is now hiring CDL drivers.  

Whether you’ve been off the road for a while or want to brush up on your skills, taking a refresher or recertification course can be a great move. It allows you to access formal instruction to boost your skillset, making you more adept while driving. Additionally, it can be an excellent option for bolstering your resume, showing that you’re dedicated to continuously learning and always want to be at your best.  

If you are looking for a CDL refresher or recertification course, here are a few worth considering.  

Advanced Career Institute – CDL Refresher Classes

If you already have a CDL permit and current DOT medical card, you may be eligible for the CDL Refresher Course through the Advanced Career Institute. The school offers one-, two-, and three-week programs, allowing you to choose the right one based on your overall experience level.  

The course is mainly designed to help students get ready for the behind-the-wheel CDL exam. Along with covering vehicle operation, it also takes a deep dive into safety. You’ll learn DMV-required skills, as well as typical procedures, like pre-trip inspections and air brake testing.  

California Truck Driving Academy – CDL Refresher

At California Truck Driving Academy, you can take a one-week refresher course to hone your driving skills and boost your resume. The program focuses on hands-on instruction, allowing you to reacclimate to the vehicles and get some valuable time on the road, all while in a safe environment.  

The program covers a wide range of skills and safety concerns, creating a thorough experience that’s an excellent option for anyone who took a break from their truck driving career. In the CDL A refresher, you’ll get hands-on experience with a two-axle tractor and 28- and 53-foot trailers, ensuring you’ll leave with the skills you need to excel in your next role.  

Western Truck School – CDL Refresher Driver Program

The 40-hour intensive program at Western Truck School is a great option for reigniting your truck driving career. It has a heavy focus on defensive driving and general safety, ensuring that you can avoid issues through smart choices and adapt to potentially hazardous situations as they emerge. However, it also covers standard driving techniques and procedures, creating a well-rounded experience.  

With this program, you’ll work one-on-one with an instructor. You’ll cover a wide variety of driving conditions, including highway, city, and rural, as well as day and night driving.  

Ultimately, a CDL refresher course can be an excellent option for anyone who wants to bring their driving skills up a notch or refamiliarize themselves before seeking opportunities after taking a break from their careers.  

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