When you’re exploring CDL job openings, you may come across listings stating the positions are no-touch freight driving jobs. For some truckers, those roles are the dream. However, for others, they aren’t ideal for various reasons. 

Since no-touch freight isn’t a universally perfect fit, it’s critical to understand what’s different about those jobs. That allows you to focus on opportunities that are genuinely best for you and your career. 

If you’re new to truck driving and are wondering how no-touch freight roles differ from traditional positions, the difference is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is No-Touch Freight?

A no-touch freight truck driving job is a position where the drivers don’t have any loading or unloading responsibilities. Instead, another professional (or team of professionals) will handle those freight-related duties. 

Typically, no-touch freight driving jobs unfold in one of two ways. First, the driver may be able to rest in the cab while any loading or unloading takes place. Second, the roles may be drop-and-hook, where the driver essentially disconnects from one trailer that needs unloading and picks up a new loaded one before hitting the road. 

The Benefits of No-Touch Freight

Usually, the main benefit of no-touch freight driving jobs depends on the type. For ones where the driver can rest during the loading and unloading process, it gives you built-in access to breaks. For drop-and-hook options, you get to spend more time on the road, which may be preferred. 

However, in either case, no-touch freight allows drivers to avoid heavy-lifting and load-balancing duties. For those who struggle in those areas or simply don’t enjoy those tasks, this can be beneficial. 

Other Considerations

As you explore no-touch and drop-and-hook freight jobs, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, reading the job description is essential. While some companies are 100 percent no-touch, others may feature a mix of no-touch and touch. Since that’s the case, if you want a completely no-touch job, you’ll want to ensure that’s what the role offers. 

Second, it’s wise to consider what your ideal position looks like overall. Some no-touch freight jobs may allow you to arrive and leave on your own schedule, giving you some flexibility. Others will have stricter times or longer waits between arrivals and exits, which may or may not be preferable in your eyes. 

Finally, you’ll have to decide whether you want to give up the benefits that come with loading and unloading. For instance, it can be a nice change of pace. Plus, it adds a physical element to the role, which may be a great addition if you want to stay fit while on the job. 

Where to Find No Touch Freight Jobs

While it may seem like no-touch freight jobs are hard to find, that isn’t always the case. While they are less common than traditional truck driving positions, many companies have roles that don’t have any freight handling. Others may have hybrid jobs, offering a mix of no-touch freight with some routes that require loading and unloading. 

If you’re looking for no-touch freight CDL job openings, the staff at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn about our open positions today. 

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