Many transportation companies are struggling with significant staffing shortages. Finding suitable drivers is becoming increasingly difficult for several reasons. Along with Baby Boomers continuing to retire, many younger generations weren’t raised to believe that truck driving was a viable career. As a result, fewer people entered the field, leaving companies in a bind.

Fortunately, by connecting with Generation Z, staffing shortages could become less of an issue. Whether you’re looking for temporary driver staffing options or long-term hires, here’s how focusing on Generation Z could help you overcome shortages.

Generation Z: An Overview

Generation Z – also referred to as Gen Z or Zoomers – is the generation that followed the Millennials. Born between 1997 and 2012, the oldest members of Gen Z are making their way into the workforce, while the younger ones will continue trickling their way in over the next decade or so.

While Generation Z does have some things in common with Millennials, they also differ in many ways. Often, Gen Z craves stability in their careers and is highly value-driven. In many cases, members of Gen Z would prefer to find a company that could support their growth and development long-term and will reward their loyalty for staying.

Along with being functionally digitally fluent, they’re highly practical in their mindset. Diversity and inclusion are also crucial in their eyes.

How to Recruit Generation Z

Recruiting Gen Z means using a slightly different approach than connecting with older generations. One critical part of the equation is having a simplified, mobile-friendly job application. In many cases, Generation Z relies heavily on their smartphones during job searches. If your process isn’t mobile-friendly and is overly cumbersome, they may abandon their application well before finishing it.

Showcasing your commitment to your workforce is also essential. You’ll want to highlight any growth and development-related programs, ensuring Gen Z members can see the value your company will provide them. Demonstrating your focus on diversity and inclusion is also vital, ensuring candidates can see a critical part of your culture.

Embracing social media could also work in your favor. For instance, creating accounts on platforms that are popular with younger generations – such as TikTok – could let you reach them during the pivotal time when they’re making decisions about their careers. Create fun videos that showcase the amazing parts of working in the field. Highlight how you help professionals grow, and don’t be afraid to inject some humor into the mix.

Highlighting technologies your company is embracing is vital, too. Since Gen Z is a digital generation that’s highly comfortable with technology, showing how you incorporate tech to make the lives of your drivers easier could go a long way.

Keep Your Trucks Rolling With Driver Leasing In California

If you’re looking for a temporary driver staffing solution or long-term hires, the team at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our recruitment specialists today and see how our services can help you overcome staffing shortages.

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