Truck drivers may be particularly at risk during the pandemic. Unlike office professionals who can work remotely, truckers spend their time on the road, interacting with various individuals along the way. Additionally, they have little choice but to use certain high-contact items, like gas pumps  

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to keep your drivers safe. You can take steps that can make a significant difference, and many of them are quite simple. Whether you handle your own hiring or use transport hiring services, here’s what you can do to protect your drivers’ health during the pandemic.  

Provide PPE  

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must during COVID-19. Face masks help slow the spread of the virus through the population, while gloves may make interacting with high-contact surfaces or items less risky.  

Ideally, companies should provide basic forms of PPE to all drivers. Disposable gloves give drivers the ability to discard the hand coverings once they are done interacting with surfaces or items, ensuring they don’t carry germs into their cab.  

Masks can either be disposable or not. Just make sure if you go with the latter that your drivers know how to care for and sanitize the masks, as well as when they should take those steps.  

Give Out Hand Sanitizer  

Hand sanitizer is an excellent option for cleaning hands when soap and water aren’t available. Often, a little goes a long way, so a decent-sized bottle can last a driver a long time.  

By providing your drivers with hand sanitizer, you’re ensuring they have access to this critical resource. That way, they can keep their hands clean with ease.   

Sanitize Trucks Between Routes  

Taking the time to sanitize trucks is a smart move. This is especially true if multiple people use the space or if a vehicle is transitioning from one driver to another.  

While it may be tempting to focus on specific areas, like the steering wheel, shifter knob, and door handles, don’t overlook the rest of the cab. For example, seat belts and seat belt buckles are frequently handled, and the seat is in direct contact with the driver.  

Ideally, every part of the truck should be sanitized, including areas that aren’t frequently touched. Ultimately, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so clean every inch between routes.  

Recommend Safe Stops  

Drivers often share information about their travels. One talking point that may be particularly crucial for safety is which rest stop locations are highly compliant with COVID-19 procedures.  

Talk to your drivers and find out about gas stations, restaurants, and other places truckers may visit perform when it comes to pandemic precautions, curbside service, cleanliness, and more. Then, pass that information along by creating a recommendation list for safer stops.  

Work With a top Truck Driver Staffing Agency in California 

Ultimately, all of the tips above can help you keep your drivers healthy during the pandemic. If you’d like to learn more, the staff at PTS can help. Contact us today. 


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