Whether you hire on your own or use driver leasing companies, you may wonder if dash cams are a wise addition to your fleet. Generally speaking, dash cams are worthwhile. Along with recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board, dash cams provide significant benefits to fleet managers and drivers alike. Here’s a look at why you should use dash cams in your fleet. 

Dash Cams Provide Impartial Evidence

If there’s an accident, law enforcement typically gathers statements from those involved. The issue is that memories aren’t always perfect. Additionally, there’s a chance someone will provide inaccurate information, either intentionally or accidentally. In some cases, this can work against the drivers in your fleet, causing at-fault judgments that aren’t deserved. 

By having a dash cam, you can gather footage that serves as an impartial witness. This can supplement statements to law enforcement officials and insurers, streamlining processing while ensuring greater accuracy. 

Dash Cams Reduce Fraud

Dash cams can gather critical footage in a similar vein, making your drivers less susceptible to crash-related scams. Essentially, if another driver attempts to cause an accident but intends to place blame on your driver as a means of securing financial compensation, the video significantly reduces their odds of success. In this regard, the dash cam is a form of protection against fraud. 

Dash Cams Improve Insurance Rates

Some insurers will offer discounts if vehicles have dash cams installed. That can result in a notable direct savings, potentially offsetting the cost of the video system. 

Additionally, since dash cams can reduce the odds of being deemed at fault for an accident where the driver isn’t to blame, that creates another way that the cameras can keep insurance costs down. Fewer negative judgments typically lead to better rates, allowing you to avoid long-term financial ramifications for incorrectly placed blame. 

Dash Cams Encourage Safe Driving

By installing dash cabs (and cab cams) and ensuring your drivers are aware of their presence, you encourage safer behavior. Drivers know that their actions are being recorded, increasing the odds that they’ll make smart choices while on the road. 

Along with improving alertness and increasing the adoption of defensive driving techniques, it may also improve maintenance. There’s footage showing the condition of the cab, which could ensure they’re kept clean. Additionally, there’s evidence as to whether trucks make it in for various safety checks. 

Dash Cams Provide Real-Time Monitoring Options

Some dash cams aren’t just recording video to a local device; they stream video to a cloud platform, making real-time footage viewable at any time. Additionally, they may include GPS data, allowing you to see where your fleet is whenever the need arises. 

Ultimately, dash cams are a wise addition to any fleet, including if you hire through driver leasing companies. If you’d like to learn more about how you can protect your drivers and vehicles, the team at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of your staff members today. 

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