When working in transport driver jobs, safety is essential. Generally, truckers view the summer as a safer time of year to be on the road. Along with better weather, more daylight is potentially beneficial. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential challenges on the road. 

If you want to make sure that you’re driving safely this year, here are some summer trucking safety tips that can help. 

Remain Vigilant in Work Zones

Once summer starts, road work becomes more common. Since there’s more construction, vigilance is essential. As you drive, look for signage indicating that road work is ahead. If possible, take an alternate route. If that’s not an option, remain vigilant as you approach. 

Slow your speed in accordance with signage in the area and keep an eye out for workers or equipment in the area. Also, be mindful of drivers having to make quick lane changes due to closures, ensuring you act professionally in those situations. 

Watch Out for Vacation Drivers

Summer vacations bring more people onto the road. In some cases, this increases the number of distracted drivers, as some are traveling with young children, pets, or multiple passengers. Additionally, piles of luggage may harm their visibility. Finally, roof-mounted items on cars or SUVs or items in the backs of pickup trucks may not be properly secured, potentially falling off or out and hitting the roadway. 

By being aware of the potential hazards created by vacation drivers, you’re better equipped to navigate the challenges that may arise. Also, make sure to maintain a safe distance. That way, if quick action is required, you have enough room. 

Carry Items to Stay Cool 

With the summer sun comes higher temperatures. Make sure you’re prepared to beat the heat by having access to items that keep you cool. For example, a cooler filled with water bottles ensures you can easily remain hydrated. Sun shields help prevent heat build-up when you take breaks, while portable fans and misters can keep you cooler. 

Check Your Equipment

Checking your equipment should be a year-round activity, ensuring you can properly secure loads and remain safe on the road. Check your straps, chains, and covers frequently to make sure they’re in good repair. Summer heat and winds can break them down, so it’s best to take a look every time you drive. 

Be Mindful of Summer Storms

While summer doesn’t usually come with ice and snow, that doesn’t mean the weather can be problematic. Rain and wind are common, particularly in areas prone to hurricanes or similar weather events. Hail and lightning can also happen. 

Since that’s the case, you want to make sure you’re prepared for storms. Monitor weather reports to stay apprised of changing conditions and ensure your vehicle is in good repair. If conditions shift, alter your driving habits accordingly and, if the situation is severe, pull over until the storm passes. 

Ultimately, anyone in transport driver jobs can benefit from the tips above. If you want to explore more summer trucking safety tips, the team at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us today. 

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