When you leave the military, transitioning into a civilian career can seem challenging. This is especially true if you aren’t sure how you can leverage the skills and experience you gained in the military to access lucrative career options.

Fortunately, for those with military driving experience, becoming a civilian truck driver isn’t as challenging as you’d expect. Through the military skills test waiver, veterans can secure a CDL without the traditional skills test. If you’re interested in CDL jobs for veterans, here’s what you need to know about the skills test waiver.

What Is the CDL Skills Test Waiver Program for Veterans?

The military skills test waiver program allows veterans with at least two years of experience operating heavy military vehicles to qualify for a CDL without having to take the skills – also known as the driving – test. As long as you’re currently licensed and employed in a qualifying military position within the past 12 months, you’re potentially eligible for the program.

Qualifying positions include any role that requires the operation of a military vehicle that’s the equivalent of a commercial motor vehicle. As a result, a wide range of positions potentially falls into that category.

In select states, veterans who qualify for the skills test waiver are also exempt from the knowledge test that’s typically required for a CDL. That option is available in states that are part of the Even Exchange Program. If you were in an approved military occupational classification or military occupational specialty, you could potentially get a CDL without having to take any exams.

How to Apply for a Military Skills Test Waiver

The military skills test waiver application is available online. The form is reasonably straightforward, primarily requiring you to answer a series of yes-or-no questions that determine your eligibility. It also provides examples of vehicles in different classes, allowing you to determine whether you can secure a waiver for a CDL-A or CDL-B.

A portion of the waiver does need to be completed by a commanding officer who can verify that you have the proper experience. However, that segment is short and will likely only take them a few minutes to complete.

Once you complete the application, you’ll need to contact your local state driver’s license agency. Typically, they’ll require this form along with other documentation, the nature of which may vary from one state to the next. By reaching out, you’ll know what else is required, ensuring you’re properly prepared before heading into the office to complete the process.

Securing a Job After Getting Your CDL as a Veteran

Once you have your CDL, it’s time to search for opportunities. Many transportation companies are eager to hire veterans, so you may be able to secure a position faster than you’d expect.

PTS Is Hiring Veterans For CDL Jobs

Are you looking for CDL jobs for veterans that can boost your civilian career? If so, the staff at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our recruiters about our open positions today.

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