When temperatures fall, conditions can often get challenging. Snow, sleet, and ice are hazardous for drivers. However, those aren’t the only risks you’ll face.  

If you end up pulled over or broken down on the side of the road, your health can be at risk. If you don’t have the right items in your cab, you may struggle against hunger and thirst, as well as the cold.  

Luckily, it’s easy to get prepared. Whether you’re currently employed or are looking for truck driving jobs and want to make sure you’re prepared for your next position, here are a few winter trucking essentials that every pro driver needs to keep in their cab.  

Warm Layers  

If you break down, you might not be able to run the heater in your cab. Cold temperatures can be dangerous, leading to frostbite, hypothermia, and other potentially deadly health crises.  

Before you hit the road during the winter, make sure you have some warm layers stashed in your cab. This can include extra clothing, wool socks, heavy blankets, sleeping bags, or similar items.  

If you’re short on room, emergency space blankets are a good choice. They are incredibly compact in their package but are incredibly effective at helping you stay warm.  

Food and Water  

Having a small stash of emergency food and water that can tide you over for a few days is a smart idea. Choose non-perishable foods, like protein bars, as they will keep longer. For water, opt for a few smaller, sealed bottles over one large one. That way, if you knock one bottle over and everything in it spills out, you aren’t completely out of water.  

Basic Small Tool Kit  

Putting together a simple tool kit is a great move. It gives you access to some standard repair items, allowing you to handle common tasks with ease. You might want to have a multitool, compact hammer, duct tape, lighter, can opener, and a flashlight, at a minimum.  

It is also handy to keep a fully charged portable power bank in your kit. That way, you can charge up your phone even if your cab doesn’t have power.  

First Aid Kit  

A simple first aid kit can help you navigate a tricky situation. You can handle small medical emergencies on your own and may be able to address more significant ones for long enough to allow first responders to arrive at your location.  

Usually, the easiest way to go is to buy a premade first aid kit, as it will cover most of your bases. However, make sure to add some hand warmers, ensuring you can keep your extremities toasty if necessary.  

Sand, Road Salt, or Kitty Litter  

If you’re stuck on ice or in the snow, having some sand, road salt, or kitty litter available can help you get on your way. Both sand and kitty litter can provide you with extra traction, while road salt assists with melting ice.  

Personal Needs  

Every truck driver is different, and you might have needs that others don’t. Since winter trucking essentials are all about ensuring you can survive a few days if the need arises, think about what it would take to do that.  

For example, if you take medication, you may want to keep some with you. Hearing aid wearers should keep an extra set of batteries on hand. If you wear contacts, keep some solution, a case, and a backup pair of glasses or lenses in your cab.  

Ultimately, everything above is a must-have during the winter (and usually during every other season, too). Make sure to gather these essentials, ensuring you can remain safe while on the road.  

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