When you’re looking for a CDL driver job posting that will genuinely meet your needs, it’s crucial to look beyond the salary and benefits package. While compensation is undoubtedly important, there’s more to finding a great job than money. 

Often, there are certain dealbreakers that can easily turn what looks like an exceptional opportunity into a legitimate nightmare of a position. If you’re looking for a CDL driver job, here are a few dealbreakers that you want to make sure don’t come with the package. 

  1. Not Enough Home Time

While no two drivers will have the same home time needs, not having enough to handle your personal or familial responsibilities is an issue. You need to consider how much time away is necessary for you to achieve a reasonable amount of balance in your life. If a job simply doesn’t offer enough time away from the road, you’ll likely become frustrated with the role incredibly quickly, even if the pay is great. 

  1. The Wrong Amount of Mileage

Again, every driver’s needs can vary when it comes to mileage availability. However, not getting the right amount can be an issue. If you’re being paid by the mile, not enough mileage means your income might not be enough. If the mileage expectations are too high work-life balance may become an issue. 

Ultimately, you’ll need to look at the pay structure and time expectations to figure out what kind of mileage requirements are right for you. That way, you’ll know if a position is actually a good fit. 

  1. Forced Dispatch

With forced dispatch, turning down an unplanned load doesn’t seem to be an option. Essentially, the company puts its foot down and says you have to take the trip or face some form of penalty, including potentially a job loss. 

While forced dispatch has largely fallen out of vogue, it is still out there. It easily qualifies as a dealbreaker for most drivers, as it can make managing a personal life nearly impossible. 

  1. Subpar Equipment

Subpar company equipment is usually a red flag. If a business isn’t maintaining their trucks, replacing trailers that have seen better days, or uses old technology that hinders driver efficiency, it’s a bad sign. It could mean the company doesn’t care about its equipment or that it pinches pennies in ways that could impact safety or productivity. 

Even if you’re an owner-operator, the quality of the company’s equipment matters. It is an indication of a business’s lack of dedication to quality, so poorly maintained equipment should give you pause. 

  1. Poor communication During the Hiring Process 

When communication is lacking during the hiring process, it’s often safe to assume that communication won’t be much better if you’re hired. Since so much of your time is spent on the road, you need to know that you’ll be able to reach out for support or answers whenever the need arises. If you aren’t sure you can count on quick replies, then that should be a dealbreaker. 

Ultimately, all of the issues above are potentially signs of bigger problems that could harm your work experience. Make sure you keep an eye out for them. That way, you can bypass an opportunity that might not be as good as it initially seems, allowing you to move on to better positions that will genuinely offer what you need. 

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