During the holidays, companies often go the extra mile to showcase their appreciation. However, they also need to stay on budget, something that can feel a bit challenging at first. Luckily, there are many affordable gifts from truck drivers that are almost guaranteed to make a positive impression. 

Whether you hire using driver staffing companies or maintain your own permanent team, here are cost-effective gift ideas you can use this holiday season. 

Snack Basket

Eating while on the road can be a challenge. Many truck drivers feel they have little choice but to turn to quick-service restaurants, something that isn’t ideal for budgets or health. 

Luckily, you can do your part to make sure they have access to quality snacks while driving. By creating snack baskets as gifts, they’ll have some road-worthy treats for their next trip. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider adding a truck-friendly cooking appliance. A travel crockpot with a locking lid can be an excellent choice. Along with versions that use traditional outlets, some have plugs for 12-volt auxiliary power outlets instead, making them road-ready. 

Insulated Mug

High-quality insulated mugs from companies like Yeti and Stanley are always great options. Many of the top models can keep beverages hot for up to 12 or even 24 hours, making them perfect for longer routes. Plus, they feature no-sweat designs, ensuring condensation is never an issue. 

You can even find versions for soups and stews. With those, there’s a foldable spoon stored in the lid, ensuring they’ll always have the perfect reusable utensil when mealtime rolls around. 

By going with high-quality designs featuring double-wall insulation and steel construction, and choosing a reliable brand, an insulated mug can last years, if not decades. It’ll keep doing the job even as time passes, all while resisting dings, dents, and other kinds of damage. 

Quick Dry Towels

Having a towel handy is always a good idea for truck drivers. The issue is, many classic terry-cloth towels are bulky, making them less convenient to carry. 

If you want to make sure your drivers have this helpful item available, consider giving quick dry towels as a gift. They’re portable and take up less space, all while being highly reusable. Plus, you can find them in fun colors and designs, adding a bit of personality. 

First Aid Kit

When it comes to first aid kits, most drivers have an inexpensive one from a local drugstore. While that may handle basic issues, it doesn’t usually have the best supplies or a sufficient quantity of staples. That’s why a high-quality first aid kit can be a great gift. By offering them one with reusable wraps, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers, and large quantities of essentials like bandages, you ensure they’ll always have what they need if there’s an emergency. 

If you’re looking for driver staffing companies that can make finding the drivers you need easier than ever before, the team at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services today. 

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