After you’re done looking for truck driving jobs and start hitting the road regularly, figuring out where the best truck stops on your route are is essential. Whether you need to fuel up, stretch your legs, grab a bite, or anything else, finding the most comfortable place to do it makes your whole trip nicer. 

While it’s easy to assume that every truck stop offers the same experience, that’s rarely the case. Some will inevitably outperform others, and it usually isn’t too hard to figure out which ones rise to the top. 

If you want to make sure you are only stopping at the best truck stops in California, here’s how to go about it. 

Consider Cleanliness 

How clean a truck stop is tells you a lot. When cleanliness is clearly a priority, it suggests the owners or managers take pride in the property, and that’s a big deal. It may indicate that you’ll get better service, find fresher food, and have a more pleasant time using various facilities. 

Usually, you can gauge a truck stops cleanliness right from the pumps or parking lot. Don’t focus on the age of the buildings, as that isn’t always a good indicator. Instead, keep an eye out for neglected maintenance, overflowing trash cans, garbage on the ground, dirty pumps, and similar signs. 

If you head inside, take a look at countertops, register areas, floors, windowsills, and other areas that should be wiped down regularly. If there’s dirt, grime, or heavy dust, it may mean that cleanliness isn’t a priority. 

While a truck stop doesn’t need to be sparkling, it should be sanitary and in good order. If you find one that is, you may want to make it your go-to stop. 

Review the Amenities

Every truck stop can have a unique set of amenities. Along with pumps and convenience stores, you may find restaurants, free Wi-Fi, truck washes, repair services, laundry machines, showers, lounge areas, and more. 

The availability of long-term parking spaces is also part of the equation. If you’re hoping to stay overnight, you need to know that they’ll likely have room for you and your rig when you arrive, and the amount of parking plays a role in that. 

Consider what kind of amenities you need during your trip. Then, compare truck stops along your route to see if any of them have more of what you require. If so, then they might be good additions to your shortlist of favorite stops. 

Don’t Overlook Fuel Prices

When you hit a truck stop, fueling up is common practice. While you don’t necessarily have to find the cheapest gas prices around, it is smart to look at fuel prices when you decide on a place to stop. Ideally, the truck stop should charge a competitive price based on the area. 

Figuring out which ones qualify might mean having to do a little more than just reading the sign. Some truck stops offer membership or loyalty programs that include fuel discounts. You may get a card that you can swipe or a code you need to enter with those. Then, if you follow the steps, you get a reduced price. 

Take those discounts into account when you choose a truck stop. It could make one that looks more expensive on the surface a great deal. 

Plus, many of these programs come with other benefits. You may get service discounts, points you can spend to get free items, and more. In most cases, signing up is very simple, so consider doing it, especially if you’ll regularly cross through that area. 

Looking for Truck Driving Jobs?

Ultimately, the tips above can help you find the best truck stops on your route. If you’d like to have a leading trucking employment agency at your back, consider working for PTS


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