Knowing what you need to do to obtain a Class B driver’s license can help you determine the steps needed to pursue a career as a truck driver. Certain positions will require you to obtain this kind of license to perform specific job requirements. Below you can learn about what a Class B license allows you to do and how to find truck driver jobs with your Class B license.

What is a Class B License in Trucking?

There are three different types of CDL licenses: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Each different class provide the driver with permission to drive a heavier vehicle. Additional certifications can be obtained to drive certain kinds of vehicles. For example, special permission is required to drive a large passenger vehicle.

A Class B CDL license permits a driver to operate vehicles with a GVWR greater than 26,001 pounds, towing a trailer with a GVWR under 10,000 pounds. These weight permissions may vary from state to state. So it is a good idea to research what is included with your Class B license in your state.

With the right permissions attached to their license, Class B drivers can drive most Class C vehicles but not any Class A vehicles. Straight trucks, buses, delivery, and utility trucks are all included under Class B licensure. Class B drivers would not be permitted to drive larger vehicles like tractor-trailers.

How to Get a Class B CDL

Whether you want to be a school bus driver, a transit driver or you want to drive a garbage truck, you’ll need a Class B CDL. Before you get started, there are a number of requirements you must meet, plus some tests you have to pass.

Everyone who holds a CDL has to pass a general knowledge test. This covers topics like safe driving, pre-trip inspections, and CDL rules. Most states require a physical and thorough screening process as well.

Your driving record needs to be clean with very few, and preferably no, incidents. You’ll also want to research any state-specific requirements you may have to adhere to. On top of that, there are a set of minimum requirements you must meet before getting your CDL.

Minimum Requirements

There are a set of bare minimum requirements drivers must meet to begin the process of getting their Class B CDL. The required documentation needed includes:

  •  A completed and signed license application
  • Proof of citizenship
    • Birth certificate
    • Social security card
    • Valid passport
    • Green card
  • Proof of residency (two forms)
    • Drivers also must meet the following requirements before applying:
  • Hold a valid non-commercial driver’s license
  • Show proof of experience (one to two years)
  • A high school diploma
  • Must be at least 18 years old to drive within the state
  • 21 years old for interstate travel
  • Able to speak and read English sufficiently
  • Provide a DOT medical card
    • You will have to submit to medical screening
  • Pass all background checks

In some states, a CDL training course may be required before you obtain your license. Written tests and exams are part of the process either way though.

Passing Written & Driving Skills Tests

To get your Class B CDL you’ll also have to pass a written test and driving exam. The written exam will provide you with a commercial learner’s permit. Once you have held a CLP for a period of time you can then apply to take a road test to get your CDL.

What Jobs Require a Class B CDL?

There are a wide variety of jobs out there that require a Class B CDL. Here are a few position titles you might be able to get as a Class B driver:

  • School bus driver
  • Mail carrier
  • Tour bus driver
  • Dispatcher
  • Equipment operator

Other possible positions include a public transit bus driver, service technician, and more. Depending on what your specific career goals are, the opportunities can truly be endless.

Class B Truck Driver Job Duties

Duties and responsibilities associated with Class B truck driver jobs vary, depending on what industry and company you work for. Some typical duties you may encounter on the job include:

Obeying all traffic laws and adjusting your driving to weather conditions.

  • Adhering to any rules and regulations your employer has established.
  • Tracking and reporting work hours.
  • Maintaining detailed logs of deliveries and driving time.
  • Servicing your vehicle as needed.
  • Picking up inventory and load trucks.
  • Organizing your truck and securing packages.
  • Mapping out routes to make the most timely deliveries possible.
  • Obtaining signatures when product is delivered.
  • Tracking mileage, fees, and other expenses.

It is also generally important for Class B drivers and professional truck drivers to have the ability to drive for long periods of time. Other daily tasks and duties may vary from job to job. Most companies will have specific requirements and responsibilities for drivers that are specific to their organization.

Job Outlook for Class B Drivers

Jobs for Class B drivers aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Truck driving is a relatively stable career choice. The specific kind of driving you want to do may have some weight on the overall job outlook. Bus drivers and delivery truck drivers, for instance, are expected to see job growth of about 5% through 2028. There are a number of opportunities available to you after you have obtained your Class B trucking license.

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