Certain myths about truck drivers are surprisingly pervasive, and a few may even steer people away from a potentially rewarding career. That’s why it’s important to understand what isn’t true about those working in the field. If you’re unsure if looking for truck driving jobs is wise, here’s a look at several myths and the truth behind them. 

Myth: No One Cares About Truck Drivers

Some people believe that the public is pretty complacent about truck drivers. However, the reality is that most do care. They understand that truck drivers keep the economy moving, recognizing that those working in the field are providing a valuable service. 

Since that’s the case, many are concerned about trucker well-being and the impact of driver shortages. Additionally, many do their best to ensure truck drivers can navigate the road with greater ease, as a result. 

Myth: Driving Trucks Doesn’t Require Much Skill

Since most adults drive, it’s easy for people to assume that driving trucks doesn’t require much skill beyond typical driving capabilities. However, operating a truck isn’t the same as driving a passenger car. In fact, the skillset is different enough that it requires separating licensing – the CDL. If you’re focused on hazardous material transportation, it requires even more knowledge and capabilities. 

Additionally, truck drivers often do more than just drive. Along with ensuring large trucks are operated safely, they typically assist with unloading and loading. Since load balance is essential when on the road, it can require a surprising amount of skill to get that part right. 

Myth: Truckers Are Lazy

This myth is mainly based on the assumption that truck drivers do nothing more than sit all day. However, as mentioned above, driving takes skill. Along with proper operation, focus and attention to detail are essential to remaining safe and productive. 

Additionally, loading and unloading is highly physical work in many cases. It can involve a substantial amount of lifting. Plus, securing loads with straps and other devices isn’t as easy as it may seem to a bystander. 

Myth: Driving Trucks Is Lonely

While truck drivers may spend a significant amount of time on the road alone, that doesn’t mean there aren’t social aspects to the job. Many drivers engage with their dispatchers regularly. Plus, when heading into truck stops, they may take a moment to chat with other drivers or employees. 

Finally, since smartphones are common, truck drivers have plenty of opportunities to talk with loved ones. With voice-activated dialing and hands-free calling options, they may even be able to chat while on the road, depending on company policy. 

Myth: Truck Driving Isn’t a Good Career

While many assume that truck driving isn’t a solid career option, that isn’t the case. Many driving positions come with incredibly competitive wages and strong benefits packages. Plus, there are usually local and long haul route options, allowing truck drivers to choose approaches that align with their lifestyle and help them maintain work-life balance. 

Ultimately, you shouldn’t let the myths about truck drivers above hold you back from what can be a rewarding career. If you’d like to learn more or are looking for truck driving jobs, the team at PTS wants to hear from you. Contact us today. 

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