Driver recruiting in California is currently challenging. While some of the difficulties relate specifically to the state of the labor market, the perception of the trucking industry also hinders recruitment. When people think of truck drivers, they typically envision white, middle-aged men. As a result, some candidates may fear they aren’t welcome. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to promote diversity and inclusion in your fleet by using the right strategies, allowing you to cultivate a positive culture and gain access to additional candidates. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some tips. 

Use Neutral Language in Job Ads

Gendered or culturally-insensitive terminology can lead some candidates to remove themselves from contention, often based on the assumption they aren’t welcome. As a result, it’s best to keep the language neutral when creating vacancy announcements. 

For example, don’t use “he” or “her” to describe your ideal candidate. Instead, stick with “they,” as it’s all-encompassing. Also, avoid referring to the preferred candidate as a “guru” or “ninja,” as some view those terms as offensive or insensitive. 

Highlight Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Showcasing your diversity and inclusion initiatives demonstrate your company’s commitment to equality in hiring and an improved employee experience. By highlighting aspects of the program and how it’s generating results, you can connect with diverse candidates with greater ease. 

Also, adding a simple statement to job ads that showcases your commitment to equality in hiring and that all candidates are welcome to apply can help. It serves as an open invitation, which may encourage a broader array of job seekers to submit applications. 

Form a Diverse Driver Committee

Having a driver committee made up of diverse employees benefits the company in several ways. First, it shows its dedication to diversity and inclusion. Second, it creates opportunities to learn about the unique struggles diverse employees face, giving companies a chance to adjust their approach to cultivate equity and improve the employee experience. 

In some cases, having drivers vote on the committee members is ideal. That allows every driver to have a say, leading to better overall representation. 

Hire and Promote Diverse Leaders

While having diverse drivers is a must, companies also need diverse leaders. Along with ensuring a wider range of perspectives is factored into critical decisions, it shows candidates that the company values diverse viewpoints enough to integrate them into their leadership team. 

Depending on your current workforce composition, you may need to begin by hiring diverse leaders. However, promoting diverse candidates is also essential, as this shows candidates that they can reach the management ranks after starting in another role, making the company seem inclusive while also showcasing its long-term career potential as an employer. 

Offer a Wider Array of Benefits and Perks

Professionals from different walks of life have unique priorities when it comes to benefits and perks. By having a wider array of options – including some that are chosen with specific demographics in mind – you make your company more appealing to diverse candidates. 

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