Many companies feel the pinch of the driver shortage. If you’re struggling to maintain critical truck driver staffing numbers, focusing on retention is necessary. That way, you can position your company as an employer of choice, something that can also boost recruitment. 

By understanding what drivers want from their job, you have the ability to make essential improvements that enhance their employee experience. When you do, retention will typically improve and, once word spreads about what you have to offer, recruitment becomes easier. 

If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some insights about what truckers hope to find in the employer-employee relationship. 

Better Maintenance

A well-maintained truck is crucial in the eyes of drivers. When maintenance is handled correctly, the truckers experience fewer issues on the road. Plus, efficient vehicle operations can make their travels more comfortable while also boosting fuel efficiency, which reduces the need for fuel stops. It also makes driving safer, giving your drivers peace of mind. 

Make sure that maintenance is a priority at your company. This isn’t an area to pinch pennies or take shortcuts. Instead, focus on doing the job right at all times. That way, your trucks are always in the best shape possible. 


Many drivers feel undervalued by their employers. At times, they liken their experience to being a cog in a machine; while their contributions are obviously crucial, appreciation for their efforts isn’t usually part of the package. 

This creates opportunities for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. By showcasing your gratitude and treating drivers with respect, you cultivate a supportive and appreciative culture. Often, dramatic morale improvements come with the shift, creating a happier, more productive workplace full of drivers that appreciate you as much as you value them. 


Similarly, positivity makes a difference when you want to boost morale. If every communication with your drivers is negative, it drags everyone down. While this doesn’t mean you can’t discuss issues, it does mean that you should be forward-focused. If you showcase the benefits of making a specific change over complaining about the current state of things, you promote positivity instead of dwelling on the negative. 


Often, there’s a bit of a divide between truckers and office staff. Many office-based professionals don’t understand what it’s like for drivers on the road, causing them to set unrealistic expectations and exhibit a lack of empathy due to a poor understanding of what it takes to work in a driver’s position. 

If possible, schedule ride-alongs for as many staff members as possible. This provides office workers with insights into the actual driving experience. Then, when issues arise on the driver’s end, they’ll be more empathetic and less judgmental or demanding, creating a more supportive environment. 

Partner With a Leader in Truck Driver Staffing

Ultimately, drivers are looking for all of those things out of the employer-employee relationship. If you’d like to learn more about how you can create a positive culture for your truckers, the team at PTS can help. Contact us today. 

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