As an employer, if you are looking for truck drivers to work with your company, you want to be sure they are licensed, qualified, and dependable. Because of the rise in e-commerce sales, the need for good truck drivers has increased over the last several years. Recruiting, onboarding, and retaining good drivers in today’s job market can be difficult. Use the tips below to help find yourself the best of the best.

Where to Find Truck Drivers to Hire

Many employers struggle to find a place to start searching for truck drivers. To recruit top talent in the truck driving industry, employers have had to change their recruiting methods. These days, most people are conducting their job search online. More specifically, people are using their phones and mobile devices to look for work. This is no different for truck drivers.

So, where print newspaper ads and advertisements in industry magazines may have served you before, they will not produce the same results. If you are still running more traditional job ads, assess how successful your current ad placement is and consider how you can reach new talent.

How to Hire Top Truck Drivers

To hire top truck drivers, you have to truly sell the position to them. Don’t talk about how successful the company is or discuss work culture. These things don’t typically matter to a truck driver. They are more independent people and would prefer to focus on the work that needs to be done. Focus on details like salary, benefits, bonuses, Wifi on the road, and other perks to help draw in the attention of top drivers. You should also keep the follow three tips in mind.

Use Mobile-Friendly Platforms

No matter what platform you decide to use to reach top driving talent, it should be mobile-friendly. As mentioned above, most people are performing their job search online. If your website or job board is difficult to navigate on mobile, you will lose quality applicants. Make sure everything is easy to access, understand, and quick to fill out. All of this will help you receive more potential driving candidates.

Detail Incentives on the Job Description

Your job description should be accurate and detailed. Clearly state how much you are paying and the requirements for being hired. Truck drivers are more likely to pass up a job if salary details and benefits information isn’t provided. Don’t forget to include information about the incentives associated with working as a driver with your company. For example, if you have WiFi access in the trucks you provide, list that as a perk in the description. Other common perks are job flexibility, compensation for travel expenses, and paid time off.

Without adding these details to your description, most truck drivers will be wary of applying to work with you. Transparency is key when you are trying to attract dependable drivers to work with your organization.

Utilize Job Boards & Social Media

Just about everyone is on social media these days, making it a great place to discover and connect with new talent. In the truck driving industry, about 75% of truckers use Facebook on a daily basis. So, if you aren’t tapping into Facebook for recruiting, you are probably missing out on top candidates for your company. Post to truck driving groups and use your business page to share information about open positions.

Job boards can also be helpful when you are trying to fill a truck driving position. Because job boards are typically niche, you can find one that is a good fit for your needs. For example, you might post your open position to a job board for CDL truck drivers only. Make sure that no matter where you decide to post your job online that you are properly describing the position and expectations. That will help ensure you find the right person for the job.

Truck Driver Retention Strategies

Now that you know a bit about how to attract top talent in the truck driving industry, you should know how to retain your best drivers. It costs up to $25,000 to successfully place a new driver. So, you don’t want a high turnover rate. Here are a few strategies you can use to keep your drivers engaged and retain your best employees.

Provide Pay Increases

Truck drivers have a wide variety of opportunities available to them, especially if they are licensed and experienced. The cost of providing regular pay increases will pale in comparison to the average $11,500 it costs your company if a driver decides to quit. To be able to keep them on the job you have to provide regular pay increases. You should also provide merit-based bonuses, performance-based raises, and referral incentives. All of this can help increase engagement and improve retention rates as well.

Optimize Routes

Optimizing the routes for your drivers is another way to improve your retention rates. Oftentimes, truck drivers will leave a job because the route laid out by the employer costs them too much time. By optimizing routes and shifting responsibilities around, you can balance their workload and help increase productivity. In turn, your drivers will feel like their day goes more smoothly and they tend to be happier.

Embrace Technology

When it comes to optimization, the trucking industry is still pretty far behind. However, embracing technology may actually be able to help you retain your top drivers. Tapping into the available tech makes it easier to track inventory, and hours, find parking and pay for services. By providing drivers with the tools they need to streamline these processes, you help create a more productive work environment for them.

Partner with a Truck Driver Recruitment Agency

Recruiting the driver you need isn’t always an easy task. Partnering with a truck driver recruiting agency can help you find the best drivers available to assist your company with its needs. Here are a few ways a staffing firm that specializes in working with drivers can assist your company.

Access to a Broad Network of Drivers

If you are looking to hire truck drivers, you want access to a broad network of talent. This can help you fill temporary or seasonal roles or find the exact person you need to fulfill a specific project’s needs. You’ll also be prepared in the event that one of your drivers resigns or can’t fulfill a job’s needs.

Pre-Screened Candidates

You minimize risk when working with a truck driving staffing agency too. When you work with a firm like Premium Transport Staffing you will also get licensed CDL truck drivers. Each candidate is pre-screened and their certifications are thoroughly checked. You won’t have to worry about receiving quality candidates or spending money on background checks. The agency does all of that for you.

Increase Speed of Hire

One of the biggest benefits of working with an agency is decreasing your time-to-hire. You won’t spend as much time filtering through applications and performing background checks. All of that has already been done. You simply need to meet with the candidate and ensure they are a good fit for your needs. The agency does the rest.

Hire CDL A Truck Drivers with PTS Today

Working with a truck driver staffing agency like Premium Transport Staffing will help you find the candidates you need. Let us help you reach the top truck drivers. Our state-of-the-art mobile app helps connect employers with drivers instantly, making it easy for you to find someone that meets your needs. Find drivers with our staffing services today.

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