When you need to hire reliable, professional drivers to keep your trucks rolling, veterans can be an asset. Military members acquire valuable skills that translate well to the transportation industry. Plus, they’re dedicated professionals who understand the need for compliance, security, and safety. 

By becoming one of the veteran-friendly employers, you may be able to overcome your recruitment woes, too. If you’re wondering precisely what veterans have to offer and how to recruit them, here’s what you need to know. 

Why Hiring Veterans as Truck Drivers Is Smart 

As mentioned above, veterans bring a lot to the table. On the skill side, most military members are taught to be strong communicators and collaborators. Additionally, they’re familiar with taking instructions and are highly self-disciplined, even in stressful situations. 

In many cases, veterans and their families are also familiar with being apart due to a job. This makes veterans particularly self-sufficient, and it could ease their transition into the role since their families are more open to spending time apart. 

Veterans are also incredibly adaptable, as being prepared for anything is common in most military roles. They’re also patient, as “hurry up and wait” is a part of many typical roles. In many cases, they also value structure, something that a driving schedule can offer. 

Situational awareness and mental stamina are traits that most veterans share. Also, leadership skills are common, even among those who are in the military for a single tour. 

Along with exceptional skills, veterans typically have a great mentality when it comes to work. They’re focused, dedicated, and loyal, particularly to leaders that offer them respect in return. Additionally, they’re team-oriented and safety-conscious, both of which work well in the trucking industry. 

Attract Veterans to Your Open Jobs 

Reaching veterans isn’t unlike recruiting other candidates; you simply need to use the right resources. You can advertise your openings on internal career pages and traditional job boards. Suppose you’d like to connect with veterans specifically using those options. In that case, it’s wise to mention that veterans are welcome in the job ad. Additionally, use language they’re familiar with based on their military experience. For example, you could include specific military occupation codes or phrases from aligned position descriptions. 

You can also connect with local veteran organizations, particularly those that focus on career services or transitions. In some cases, you may find candidates who are preparing to leave service, allowing you to offer them a job that they can shift into after they separate. 

If you’re searching for skilled, reliable drivers, partnering with veteran-friendly employers is a wise move. At PTS®, we understand what veterans bring to the table, which is why we pride ourselves in ensuring our nation’s heroes get exceptional job opportunities once they become part of the civilian workforce. 

For Help Recruiting Veterans, Work With a Veteran-Owned Staffing Company

For companies seeking higher-quality candidates, our strategy is an ideal fit. If you’re ready to experience the difference first-hand, the team at PTS® wants to hear from you. Contact us today. 

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